Web Development

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Become a web developer in 12 weeks by taking our web development immersive course.

We are Talented, Commited & Experienced Teachers

Our 12-week fullstack curriculum is designed to engineer you for success in the software engineering discipline.

The fullstack curriculum is structured to ease you into programming from foundational principles to advanced concepts. You'll learn web technologies that'll make you relevant to top tech companies.

Our curriculum will help you learn core php and javascript. It will immerse you into web technologies such as laravel, node.js and angular2. All we require from you is just the hunger for knowledge.


It's a life changing experience; one that'll shape your future.

Passionate Teachers

Learn from experienced instructors who are commited to teaching and are very good at it.


Demonstrate initiative by bringing ideas to life working on multiple projects. Gain credibility and reinforce existing knowledge collaborating across teams.


There's a culture of respect, openess and understanding at Swap Space. Everyone here is generally fun and pleasant to be with.



This is a 6-week curriculum that'll introduce you to basic and intermediate web programming concepts. Here, you'll get an head first introduction to the early stage of web development.

You will develop a solid understanding of PHP, HTML, CSS and MySQL database and become convenient working in a web environment.

Core Development

Back-end Development

you will learn how to engineer sophisticated web apps at scale using a host of web technologies like php, laravel, javascript & nodejs.


Enter the world of persitent storage and search by using MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Kibana to manage application data.

Front-end Development

We'll teach you how to craft rich and engaging interactions in the browser and on mobile platforms using javascript and HTML5. You'll use advanced frontend tools like angular 2 to


At this point you've learnt quite a lot and gained mastery of the technologies our curriculum has to offer. Now, it's time for you to demonstrate initiative by building a web application from scratch all by yourself. You will work on a number of projects for a couple of weeks; personal and grouped.


You'll decide on project to work on all by yourself. You'll gather all the requirements and decide on the project objectives by yourself. You might have to explore new tools or technologies in order to complete the project.


For your capstone project, You'll work with a team. You and your partner will decide on an idea for an app(or as otherwise instructed), and build it together.

Weekend Immersive

Working Class? No problems. You can take any of our courses without losing your job.


Payment Plans

We have easy low cost payment plans for you to fund your education

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Sow a seed today, We are open to requests for student sponsorships.

Call Maja: 08101899394
Email: info@swapspacesystems.com


Hunger for knowledge

As teachers, we can only open the door for you while you walk through. To learn anything requires sacrifice and long lasting desire. Prepare yourself for a challenging, yet, rewarding experience. You must be upbeat, energetic and passionate about learning.

Tools of the Trade

You need a working laptop with a minimum of 4gig RAM running windows 7, 8 or 10. No keyboard issues. No battery issues. No screen issues. A Mac Book is most suitable.